Local Leaders of Governance (LLGs)

Local Leaders of Governance (LLG’s) support school governing boards throughout the East Riding of Yorkshire to be good or outstanding in the leadership and management of their school.  LLG’s are high calibre, experienced governors who can provide vital support chairs of governors and governing boards to develop their skills, promote good governance and raise standards in their schools.  The LLG scheme aims to support the Local Authorities strategy, ‘Improving Schools – Improving Lives’ for all schools to become good or better by 2016, in particular;

ü Supporting and challenging school governance
ü Better provision for governors and effective sharing of best practice
ü Governors supporting governors to rapidly improve

Designated LLGs met a number of eligibility criteria which evidence appropriate experience, knowledge and skills. The aim of this scheme is to improve governance by providing a source of school-to-school support delivered by knowledgeable, trained individuals who have a proven track record of strong governance.  

If your governing body would like to take advantage of this support please contact Lisa Devine on 01482 392173 or email lisa.devine@eastriding.gov.uk


Our Local Leaders of Governance (LLG’s) : Noel Atley, Sue Gollop, Alan Maltby:

Noel Atley

Sue Gollop