Riding Forward Final

A Teaching School Alliance for Yorkshire & the Humber

Riding Forward is a Teaching School Alliance based on the Teaching School, Molescroft Primary School, Beverley.  The Strategic Partners are: Hornsea School and Language College, Snaith Primary, The East Riding of Yorkshire LA and University of Hull.

The schools of the East Riding and neighbouring areas are brimming with the most amazing practice, innovation and talent.  We believe that there is an opportunity to be seized through the TSA to create the initiative for educational development.

Riding Forward TSA aims to:

 Be innovative and to celebrate and share what works and will work to raise standards and inspire pupils learning.

Be innovative in the discovery and piloting of exciting new ideas and approaches to teaching and learning.

Work with partners to design the solutions to our problems; to enable teachers who have special talents and great ideas; supporting them to present their solutions and therefore help others.

Work with schools, leaders, teachers, and new trainees to motivate and nurture a new generation of teachers.

Support great teaching, to re-establish and recognise what great schools are and promote this. 

The Alliance also recognises that every setting is different and that imposed initiatives rarely fit all. 


School Direct – Train to Teach through Riding Forward TSA – watch our video clip below for personal accounts of the programme

We work as part of the North Yorkshire and East Riding ITT Partnership. Providing quick access to teacher training providers in  North Yorkshire & the East Riding.

Visit our website at : www.http://teachnyer.com/



Following a brief demonstration at the Autumn term leadership seminar, we are pleased to confirm that the ‘Teach East Riding’ site is now live. The site was commissioned by the East Riding School Improvement Partnership (ERSIP) in response to feedback from school regarding challenges in recruitment of teachers and other education professionals. The site is intended to be used by all East Riding schools and academies to promote opportunities to teach and train to teach and highlight the benefits of living and working in the East Riding.

Visit the website:  http://www.teacheastriding.co.uk/