Modern Foreign Languages

After a year of work led by Kay Ray and Sam Henderson Tucker with the development group of schools, a way forward has been established and clear recommendations for schools which:
• are inspiring and creative
• are engaging, informative and knowledgeable
• provide practical ideas and opportunities to share
• inspire confidence in all practitioners
• use computer/app resources
Through our research we know that there are a variety of models which can work in every setting. In addition, there are a range of essentials which we know have to be in place for teaching of languages to work.  ERSIP has funded this, with a considerable amount of money, to enable us to share this with schools and support schools in the
development of Primary Languages in all our Primary Schools.
The way ahead will help schools to:
• challenge the more able
• make the most of lesson time
• develop the use of phonics
• improve outcomes through the use of new ideas
• vary delivery and choice of activities
• ensure progression and consistency